Python Version

We recommend using the latest version of Python 3. GenRSS supports Python 3.6 and newer.


genrss using lxml library that required:

  • libxml2 version 2.9.2 or later.
  • libxslt version 1.1.27 or later.

To install the required development packages of these dependencies on Linux systems, use your distribution specific installation tool, e.g. apt-get on Debian/Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt-dev

Install GenRSS

Use the following command to install GenRSS:

pip install -U genrss

GenRSS is now installed. Check out Quickstart

Install from source

If you want to work with the latest GenRSS code before it’s released, install or update the code from the master branch:

pip install -U